A Japanese Meiji era Sendai-dansu tansu chest, circa 1870


A large 19th century Japanese Sendai-dansu tansu chest, dating to the earlier part of the Meiji period.

In deep red lacquer finish and constructed in Japanese pine, and fitted with ornate iron work.

Given the chests size and quality it would have originally been used in a large wealthy household.

Used to store clothing, particularly Kimonos and formal dress. This style of Tansu boasts a ‘safe’ section behind the lower cabinet door, which houses two additional drawers, this would have been locked to keep items secure.

The chest was built using wooden pins which showcases the craftsmanship that went into these pieces.

To the rear of the Tansu chest, and each individual drawer is original Japanese calligraphy.

The Tansu chest were constructed to be portable, for both use in the home for storing clothing and personal effects. Merchants would also utilise these chests to transport their wares.

The tradition of summer and winter chests in Japanese homes allowed one to be kept in an outhouse, and then carried in when the time came.They made for the perfect mobile wardrobe.

The chest is in lovely condition and boasts beautiful ironwork which along with its Japanese heritage makes this a great decorators piece. Its size and styling make it an ideal standout storage solution.

This is one of three Tansu chests we currently have available, each different in age and style.


88.4cm high
109.5cm wide
48.7cm deep

Structually sound and all drawers running well. All iron work well fixed. Both carry handles present.

Natural age related wear and tear as expected. Some minor surface rust to iron work. The lower cabinet door with crack, does close but not shut tight due to age of hinges.

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