Rare antique Victorian grave digger’s template


A very rare and sought after Victorian grave digger’s wooden template.

Salvaged from an 18th century premises that was used by a coffin makers and undertakers.

This frame was used by the grave diggers to mark out a specific plot in a graveyard to be dug in preparation for the coffin.

Certainly not something that would have been considered to have any value, just a simple timber frame, but the fact it survived is remarkable.

Simple in its construction of timber fixed together with nails.

We haven’t ever seen another and would doubt there are many in existence.

This will make for quite the wall display, certainly a must for a serious collector of the macabre.

The grave digger’s template has obvious signs of its age and the life it’s seen.

Signs of old worm but nothing active, a small area where one board split (this was fixed during its life).


191cm high
65.3cm wide

Due to its size we would prefer the buyer to collect. Please make contact to arrange collection, collection is by appointment only.

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