A 19th century leopard skin rug


A wonderful 19th century leopard skin rug in country house condition. Circa 1880.

From the age of ‘man eaters’ causing havoc in African and Asian villages, this specimen could have quite an interesting story behind it, obviously there is some conjecture at play, but this makes for a real talking point.

Containing the specimen’s skull and with many of the claws still present to each paw.

The quality of the taxidermist’s work is still evident, with the metal tongue illustrating how the cat’s real mouth would have appeared. This along with the style and colour of the rug trim suggest it could be attributed to Rowland Ward.

There are beautify crafted glass eyes to the head, and the animal hide is still is in reasonable condition.

The rug has some obvious wear and tear but given the age the overall aesthetic is still good.
As the rug contains the skull and claws this is still a desirable example.

An ideal piece for photography shoots, to adorn a country house or as a new addition to any natural history collection.

Please consult the listing images to gauge condition.
Further condition reports available upon request.

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